Christina grew up in the South and lived there until 2010 when her career took her to the Midwest. She loves to cook, and enjoys creating or finding new, healthy recipes to help build her weekly meal plans. She began running in early 2006, and ran her first half marathon in November 2007. She has since run dozens of races from 5Ks to marathons.  She also enjoys incorporating strength and spinning, and is attempting a new relationship with yoga (stay tuned!).

After living a lifestyle that was a far cry from anything “healthy,” Greg found fitness to be his new addiction, and in 2010, quickly got to work. Since then he has completed various races from 5K to 50 miles. Though running and endurance events are a big part of his fitness regimen, strength training, nutrition and supplementation are also of equally-high importance. To him, fitness is a puzzle: all of the different pieces are needed for the picture to be complete. Currently studying for his personal training certification, Greg looks forward to helping others realize their full potential.



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