Product Review: PHIVEbar

For the past few months I’ve been training with various flavors of the newly released, San Diego-based PHIVEbar. Derived from an ancient recipe and crafted using the PHI ratio – a unique ratio found within nature – PHIVEbar uses a very specific blend of organic, non-GMO, fruits, nuts, and seeds that work in synergy with your body.

You can easily tell PHIVEbars are made of whole foods – no fillers!

Founded by former NFL quarterback Kyle Boller and his wife former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean Boller, they’ve embarked on a quest to make the world a healthier place, one bar at a time. I was fortunate enough to meet Kyle and learn about PHIVEbar last fall before it entered production and distribution in February.

Here’s a recap of how I’ve used PHIVEbar in my training.

Timing makes a difference

I’ve tried taking the bars at a variety of different times, including pre-run, during runs and post-run.

  • Pre-run: I had the most success taking the bar at this time. My early a.m. workouts were stronger and bar was very convenient. I never felt a sugar rush/crash, just clean, sustained energy during my workout.
  • During runs: I tried the PHIVEbar at various times during my longer runs as well. As a runner who is trying to transition more toward real food during runs, the PHIVEbar was a great solution. I tried all three flavors during runs and shorter races, none of which unsettled my stomach. After 20 or so minutes, I experienced a slow, steady increase in energy. Again, it wasn’t a massive spike in energy, but it did give me the boost I needed, especially before long, prolonged climbs (2-4K elevation gain).
  • As a snack: These bars are a welcome treat mid-afternoon at work (especially when crumbled up and mixed into nonfat, vanilla Greek yogurt!)
  • Post-workout: I’ve eaten a PHIVEbar several times AFTER a big training event. Though I didn’t notice much of an improvement in recovery (not really surprising as I’ve never found a bar that met my post workout needs – shakes/liquids always work better – at least for me), the bar did help curb my hunger until I could go find a true post-workout meal.

I love all the natural ingredients that are used in the bars, and that they aren’t dipped in chocolate or covered in icing. The bars had everything I needed, and nothing else. I appreciate the no-nonsense simplicity.

My favorite treat – a blueberry PHIVEbar crumbled up in a nonfat, vanilla Greek yogurt.

Subtle flavors enhance appeal

At first I was shocked at how subtle the flavor of each bar was, but this was something I came to appreciate after a while. Prior to PHIVEbar, I was using bars like Clif, Larabar, Pro Meal, etc. All of those bars have big, bold flavors. To me, the PHIVEbars’ flavors were a bit more “hidden”. You actually tasted the seeds, nuts, etc., which were then backed up by a subtle flavor. While this took some getting used to, I actually ended up PREFERRING it to the other bars. Especially before/during longer runs when my stomach could easily be unsettled. The bars are currently available in three flavors:

  • Blueberry: My favorite flavor.
  • Peanut Butter: Loved this flavor during long runs (and my race!)
  • Original: Very earthy. Slightly sweet, but good.

Clean energy perfect for endurance sports

PHIVEbars provided me with clean, sustained energy. I felt good KNOWING what I was putting into my body and was even more amazed at how they didn’t upset my stomach. The bars helped me finish my long runs strong, and helped immensely at the Black Canyon 100K earlier this year. There were no spikes/crashes. I just felt a nice, clean burn of energy. The bars definitely exceeded my expectations in this area.

Other considerations

  • As a runner, I’m always worried how messy food/bars can get when eating them on the go. I loved how the PHIVEbars weren’t sticky, and broke apart easily. Nothing is worse than getting sticky hands while running because of what you ate!
  • The bars did well “in the elements”. They were fine after a 5+ hour run in 95-degree heat. Not melted or gooey at all.

PHIVEbars are available via their website.

Stay tuned for my Lost Boys 50 recap in the next week or so!


*This post was not sponsored. We purchased the PHIVEbars, and all opinions are our own. 

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