Product Review: ROLL Recovery R8 – Quick. Easy. Effective.

The first time I got to use the ROLL Recovery R8 was at mile 23 of the Antelope Canyon 55K. I was so impressed with the product that two weeks later I was on the wait list for one, and a little over a month later it showed up on my doorstep.

I’ve been in love ever since.

ROLL Recovery R8
Getting in a quick, deep tissue massage has never been easier!

Founded in Boulder, Colorado, by endurance athletes Jeremy and Adrianna Nelson, the R8 roller allows athletes to quickly get in a deep-tissue massage that helps reduce inflammation after workouts, breakup muscle adhesions and stimulate blood circulation. Gone are the days of hopping on a foam roller immediately after a hard workout. Instead I usually grab my R8 and roll out my legs while sitting on the couch!

ROLL Recovery R8
Rolling out after a run

While the R8 hasn’t completely eliminated my time on a foam roller (I still use one to hit my glutes, hip flexors and upper body), it has certainly minimized the time I spend on one … and that’s something I can appreciate. The product is also incredibly durable and portable, making it easy to bring to races.

ROLL Recovery R8
The ROLL Recovery R8 is super portable, making it a great companion for races.

The ROLL Recovery R8 has become a staple in my training. It’s an incredibly convenient way to get in a quick and effective massage after a hard workout. Check out their website for more information.

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*This post was not sponsored. We purchased the ROLL Recovery R8 and all opinions are our own. 

4 thoughts on “Product Review: ROLL Recovery R8 – Quick. Easy. Effective.

    1. It was funny, after using it I went home to research the R8, only to find it’d been out for awhile. I was sure it was something new, but apparently not. Either way, I’m glad I ran into one!

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