Book Review: ‘Kara Goucher’s Running for Women: From First Steps to Marathons’

Hi, my name is C and I love being inspired by other women. Personally, professionally, and – in this case – by an Olympic runner who strives to be the best in her career, while being a wife and a mother. (Sorry, guys!)

I read “Kara Goucher’s Running for Women: From First Steps to Marathons” over the course of about a month. A new job, and helping prepare for my youngest sister’s wedding kept me from reading it straight through. Luckily, this book is written and designed in a way that you can pick it up and put it down without feeling lost or like you need to re-read sections to remember where you left off.


Women in any stage of their running career can learn from Goucher’s advice and encouragement, whether you’re trying to run your first mile, looking to complete your first marathon, or simply push yourself to your next level.

From tips on selecting the best running gear and finding the right training program for you to overcoming psychological setbacks and injuries, as well as balancing running goals with family and work, this guide has it all.

The book is designed to fit busy lifestyles with quick tips, Goucher’s bits of wisdom, along with sample training and nutrition plans to help get you started or supplement the plans you already use.

It was refreshing to read Kara’s take on how age doesn’t have to negatively influence women’s running goals. Whether you want to be healthier and more fit (who doesn’t?), run farther or – in my case – get faster, anything is achievable with the right plan and a positive attitude/mindset.

I borrowed the book from our local library, but plan to purchase it because it truly can be used as a reference guide no matter what stage of life (or running) you’re in. Whether you borrow or buy it, Goucher’s guide is an excellent resource to help you achieve your personal best!

Side note: How is it already December? It feels like just yesterday that this blog was brand new and we were finalizing 2013 goals. Now 2014 is on the horizon, complete with lots of exciting, goal-related talks in our house. We appreciate your support along the way!

Take care,


How about you?

Have you read any good books lately (running-related or not) that you recommend we check out?

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