Busy Week: Beach Running, Trail Running and CrossFit

As C said in her previous post, things have been pretty busy around here! We’re both searching for jobs, managing freelance/contract work, studying, preparing for visitors, getting ready for upcoming travel and more. Who knew it was possible to be so busy when you’re unemployed? All that said, we still got in a few great workouts this week.

9/11: we went to CrossFit Del Mar for “The Seven.” I have done a lot of Hero WODs over the years but never this one, so I was extremely excited. I was also excited because C had no idea what she was in for! The workout was:

7 rounds for time of:

7 handstand push-ups

7 thrusters (135)

7 knees to elbows

7 deadlifts (245)

7 burpees

7 kettlebell swings (2 pood)

7 pull-ups

Neither of us got it RXd – but we both gave it everything we had and pushed through it to the end. I love Hero WODs, not because they are challenging (that’s a no brainer), but because they are usually pretty long and allow for a time of reflection. Needless to say, this one was no different – Never Forget.

9/12: We went out for a nice, easy 12-miler around Mission Bay/Fiesta Island. I swear this could be the flattest stretch of land in San Diego for long runs. The run went “okay” – I think we were both pretty banged up from the workout the day prior, so there were some slow miles and walking involved: 2:10:14.

9/13: With C’s friend Stormy flying into town around noon, we decided to get a quick 5-mile beach run in from Del Mar Beach to Torrey Pines and back. We went out at low tide, barefoot, and finished up around 47:14. Felt great! Apparently the surfers thought it was a great day to be out, too.

Just off 15th Street - 9:30 am.
Just off 15th Street – 9:30 am.

9/14: C and Storm went out to run a 5K on the beach and I opted for a solo trail run. I’ve become increasingly interested in trail running and wanted to head out for a while and see how it would go. I didn’t want to get too far out of the city so I ended up at Marion R. Bear Memorial Park, just off Highway 52. I decided that the distance covered would be determined “by feel” and off I went.

Now, I’ve run a few trail races in the past – but never anything serious. This morning was all about getting out there and “going” with no plans. No mileage. No pace. No Route. Just. Go.

Well-kept trails, tough terrain and beautiful scenery made this so much fun.
Well-kept trails, tough terrain and beautiful scenery.

Even though this park runs parallel to the 52, I felt miles away. It was so peaceful. So serene. I put in just over 10 miles with a gain of over 1,700 feet and finished with an 11:45 pace.

I feel like trail running is such a different animal than road running – and I’m pretty sure I’ve fallen in love.  This was a trial run for a few big things to come and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

9/15: C and her friend took off to hike Torrey Pines and I opted for a rest day.

Needless to say, It was a busy week for us and next week looks to be more of the same before we head off to Boston(!). For now, It’s time to enjoy our last full day with our guest and hit the beach for some fun (and rest) in the sun.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


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